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🍞 Simple Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter Recipe

Learn how to make a simple gluten-free sourdough starter with this easy recipe from Hello Sourdough. Discover the ingredients and step-by-step instructions.

Simple Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter

You will need:

  • gluten-free flour1 cup of gluten-free flour (amaranth or oat)
  • filtered water1 cup of filtered water
  • glass jar with lid1 glass jar with lid
  • wooden spoon1 wooden spoon
  • cloth or cheesecloth1 piece of cloth or cheesecloth
  • rubber band1 rubber band


  1. First, measure out 1 cup of your chosen gluten-free flour and 1 cup of filtered water
  2. Next, combine these two ingredients in your glass jar, stirring well with a wooden spoon to ensure there are no lumps. This is your initial 'feeding' of the starter
  3. Cover the jar with a piece of cloth or cheesecloth. This allows the starter to breathe while keeping out dust and insects. Secure the cloth with a rubber band
  4. Now, leave your jar at room temperature for 24 hours. This is the beginning of the fermentation process
  5. After 24 hours, feed your starter with equal parts of gluten-free flour and water. Repeat this feeding every day until your starter is bubbly and has a pleasant sour smell. This indicates that it's ready to use in your gluten-free sourdough baking


Remember, the temperature and humidity of your kitchen can affect the fermentation process. If your kitchen is cool, the process may take longer. If it's warm, the process may be quicker. Always use clean utensils when handling your starter to prevent unwanted bacteria from interfering with the fermentation process.

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